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Tuition and Fees

Application Fee: $25
Registration Fee: $175(annually)
Facility Fee: $400
Ettiquette Fee: varies per grade


Annual Tuition $3600

We have multiple options of tuition payments!

Annual tuition may be paid in full(*discount will be applied) or divided into two payments(no discount) due in August 2022 and again in January 2023.

Annual tuition may be divided into 10 monthly installments with the first payment due in August 2022 and the last payment due in May of 2023.

Annual tuition may be divided into 12 monthly installments with the first payment due in August 2022 and the last payment due in July of 2023.

Also, parents have the option to pay all fees upon registration, or they may add them to their monthly installments. 

Tuition will be due by the 1st of each month. A late fee will be assessed after this date.


We offer a tuition discount of 10% for siblings, first responders, and military families. Discounts can NOT be stacked.

When the registration process begins, a financial agreement is prepared, agreed upon, and signed by both parties in the presence of a notary.  Upon the child attending his/her first full week of school, the parents are responsible for fulfilling their financial obligation as stated in the financial agreement.  We mandate this financial policy because teachers are hired according to the number of students registered.  Once the school enters into a payroll agreement with an employee, it depends upon the timely tuition payments of its students.  This school is an independent entity in that is does not rely on any sources of governmental assistance.  We do not apply for nor receive grants. It is not our purpose to deceive or mislead anyone before or after an agreement is attained.  It is for this reason that we are openly stating that financial obligations to the school MUST be met once a financial agreement has been reached regardless of the students' attendance or enrollment after the first full week of school. Veritas Sylacauga strives to do all things with a spirit of excellence. Its teachers are 100% dedicated to the spiritual and academic success of your child.  Many hours of collaboration, planning, and grading are done behind the scenes weekly to ensure that content is delivered effectively and learning is fostered in all disciplines.  Thank you, again for allowing us to play a part in educating your child and preparing them for success.

Marci Davidson
Owner/Lead Teacher
Veritas Christian Classical School of Sylacauga

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