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Veritas Classical Grammar School - Grades K – 4

The Veritas Grammar School will emphasize student exposure to and comprehension of core knowledge in literature, writing, grammar, vocabulary, history and geography, and fine arts. 

The Veritas Grammar School curriculum incorporates methods developed by Charlotte Mason, including narration, memorization, picture study, and sketching. Weekly assignments will guide the student and parents in preparation for the next week’s class. 

• Students will be guided by an experienced educator through a comprehensive curriculum. Students will be able to refer to the textbooks throughout the week to complete assignments and move broader and deeper into the material presented in class. 

• The academic program has been created to challenge students to think critically and grow in their knowledge of humanities through reading, projects, the study of Latin root-words and the integration of biblical truth in all subjects. 


Veritas Classical Preparatory School - Grades 5 – 12

In the Veritas Preparatory School all subjects are taught from a distinctively biblical world view. 

• The curriculum integrates history (World and American), literature (Classical, American, British), composition, grammar, study skills, logic, and critical thinking. 

• Vocabulary and Spelling Development

• Each week, the student will receive an assignment sheet outlining the work required in each subject area. 

• Students will participate in a combined grade level classroom that allows them to interact with peers and promotes classroom discussion and group projects.

• Humanities & Language Arts classes meet two days per week.

• Students have the opportunity to take an additional math and science on the third and fourth day of the week.

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